Don’t Be April Foolish, Take Care of Tooth Pain

tooth pain before root canal

Have you been experiencing tooth sensitivity and pain in a specific tooth? Is it starting to move deeper into the jaw? That’s a bad sign that you might need a root canal. Did you know that root canals can be prevented if you act on the signs of tooth decay soon enough? Not everyone has pain early enough in the process to go with a filling or sealant, but if you monitor your oral health closely, it’s more likely to work for you. Even if a root canal is the only option, getting it done sooner rather than later means you will have less pain, less discomfort, and your dentist will have less work to do to repair the damage.

Reasons to Stop Procrastinating 

Root canals are necessary when tooth decay has reached the point where it threatens the integrity of the tooth itself, infecting the root. If left untreated, they can escalate into abscesses that swell the mouth and produce some of the most intense pain documented among all medical and dental conditions. Taking care of the problem as early as possible means avoiding that kind of escalation. Remember, the sooner you take care of it, the sooner you can get back to your regular routine.

  • Enjoy life without oral pain
  • Get back to the foods you love
  • Prevent the spread of the decay
  • Find out about crowns and other options

Contact Our Office for a Consultation 

If you have persistent oral pain that doesn’t go away within a couple of hours, you should not wait to contact our office. Dr. Cherry can take care of your root canal promptly, and if the pain has another source, this is your chance to find it and avoid a root canal entirely. You won’t know if you don’t come in and talk to the dentist, so make sure you call right away whenever you are experiencing intense tooth pain.