Signs You May Need a Root Canal or Other Emergency Dentistry Service

root canal image

Major dental problems don’t usually pop up without notice, but it’s easy to overlook warning symptoms until the pain becomes unbearable and you require emergency dental services. Emergency root canals are common and usually happen because people don’t seek treatment when they first notice indications of a problem. Once the symptoms of infected tooth pulp first arise, it doesn’t usually take long for them to intensify. Here are a few signs that you may need emergency dentistry in Brandon, FL.

Intense Tooth Pain

Tooth pain from a minor cavity may come and go, but the pain from an infected tooth root tends to come on suddenly and intensely. Whether your pain is dull or sharp, if it’s persistent and intense, call our practice as soon as you can and indicate you have a dental emergency.

Severe Tooth Damage

If a large portion of your tooth breaks off or becomes fractured, it’s important to seek immediate attention from your dentist rather than waiting for a regularly scheduled appointment. Leaving your tooth broken or fractured can expose the pulp and nerves inside to bacteria. If one or more of your damaged teeth become infected, emergency root canals may be needed.

Painful Swelling

Minor swelling of the gum tissue isn’t always something to be alarmed about. But if the swelling is persistent and painful, it may be an indication of a deep infection that should be treated right away. It’s especially important to receive emergency dentistry in Brandon, FL if you have obvious signs of an abscess, which may include swelling, fever and/or pus.

Call Us Now

Here at the practice of John M. Cherry, Jr., we understand that dental emergencies can happen at any time. Please call us immediately if you have any serious dental problems that require emergency root canals or other treatments and we’ll schedule your urgent appointment with Dr. Cherry.