A Variety of Advanced Technology Under One Roof

Dental technology is continuously evolving to provide patients with better care and more comfort. Dr. John Cherry understands that you want and deserve excellent care, so he stays on top of the latest in cutting-edge technology. We even have options for those fearful of the dentist so you can receive care without worry. Your appointments will be quicker, less painful and more precise when you visit our office.

A Crown In A Day

Here at Dr. John Cherry Jr. DMD, dental crowns are an integral part of many dental restoration treatments we perform. This includes implants, root canals, or simply covering and strengthening a tooth that has been damaged by trauma or decay. Dental crowns restore your smile, preserve the integrity of your mouth’s structure, and help you maintain great oral health.

State-of-the-Art Technology Available to YOU

Exposes patients to 90 percent less radiation and provides higher quality images than traditional film X-rays.

Handheld cameras are used to display images from within your mouth in real-time to help improve diagnosis.

A minimally invasive way to harvest bone. Through the use of ultrasonic frequency, soft tissue will not be damaged and a clean cut will be made for quick healing.

IV sedation is an advanced form of sedation dentistry used to relieve strong dental fears or anxiety, or for those undergoing more complex procedures.

A technique used to speed up the healing process by isolating proteins found in your blood and applying those proteins directly to the surgical site.

Provides a 3-D image that gives detailed information on locations of nerve endings, bone density and helps determine if a patient is a candidate for dental implants.

Precision and Quality for an Improved Patient Experience

Patients to our office experience a number of incredible benefits, including digital X-rays with less radiation and advanced sedation to make your visit a breeze. Dr. Cherry is dedicated to pain-free dentistry and a quick healing time so you can return to your normal routine without skipping a beat. With our advanced technology you can benefit from:


  • Advanced sedation options for a comfortable visit
  • Minimally invasive procedures for faster healing
  • Digital X-rays for a detailed view with minimal radiation
  • CT scans to take the guesswork out of implant placement
  • PRGF to speed up healing from surgery

Patient Testimonials

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