A More Permanent and Lasting Solution for Tooth Loss

Having a missing tooth is more common than people imagine—over 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Without replacing missing teeth, bone loss can occur in the jaw and cause severe problems such as shifting teeth, an improper bite and even affect your systemic health. In order to prevent these problems from arising, dental implants are a solution to keep your smile and health intact. Dr. John Cherry has extensive training and experience in dental implants and offers single, multiple and full arch replacements to make your smile whole again.

Cosmetic Services for Your Smile

Baby Teeth

A baby tooth may be in an incorrect position or be blocking a permanent tooth from erupting normally. In either condition, extracting the tooth may help prevent further complications in the future.

Wisdom Teeth

Many times, wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning they grow in at an angle, and may damage or shift surrounding teeth and nerves. To prevent this from happening, extraction prior to eruption saves the surrounding area.


If periodontal disease has gone on too long and caused significant damage to the tooth root and gum structure, then extraction and replacement with a dental implant may be the only way to save the surrounding teeth and bone.


In a condition called crowding, teeth are too close together and there is not enough space to align them properly, even with braces. Once the out-of-place teeth are removed, the remaining teeth are able to be aligned properly.


In the unfortunate case of an accident, a damaged tooth might be past saving and need to be extracted. A dental implant is usually recommended as a natural-looking replacement.

Preserve Your Jawbone After Tooth Extraction to Prepare for Implants

While tooth extractions are a routine procedure, Dr. Cherry only extracts teeth when necessary. After a tooth is extracted, it leaves behind a small socket that must be protected from infection and bone loss by using a technique called socket preservation. By packing the empty hole with a bone graft, the socket and jawbone will be preserved for future treatments. This is important for your oral health and to prepare you for dental implants, as implants require adequate bone in the jaw to be successful.

Patient Testimonials

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