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Implant-Supported Dentures Add Stability and Prevent Bone Loss

If you are missing several of your teeth or currently have traditional dentures, you may have noticed a difference in your smile or the way you eat and speak. A side effect of missing teeth is bone deterioration in the jaw. Bone deterioration has a negative impact on your surrounding teeth and entire bite — giving you an aged, sunken-in appearance and preventing you from eating all the foods you love. These causes for concern are able to be alleviated with implant-supported dentures. These dentures are secured to dental implants placed in your jawbone to restore your smile and overall health.

This kind of prosthodontic solution could be perfect for anyone in the Brandon, Florida area who wants something more stable and permanent than dentures but isn’t a good candidate for individual dental implants, which can be a very expensive option.

Why Choose Implant Supported Dentures

While removable dentures often slip when speaking or eating, implant-supported dentures are secured to dental implants so you never have to worry about them slipping or falling out.

Regular dentures may slip or make noises while you talk or eat, causing embarrassment. With implant supported dentures, you will be able to be yourself again, confident in their security.

Traditional dentures don’t allow for a strong bite ability and may make your gums sore with excessive chewing. With implant supported dentures, your bite will be stronger and allow you to eat the types of food you love again.

Removable dentures sit on the gums and put pressure on the surrounding tissues and bone. Implant-supported dentures are supported by dental implants so they feel more natural without added weight, and they provide similar stimulation to the bone as natural teeth, preventing bone atrophy.


Traditional dentures do not give the jawbone enough stimulation to prevent deterioration, leading to a changing facial appearance and a refitting for dentures. Implant supported dentures stimulate the bone for continued growth and help retain your natural appearance.

Trust Dr. Cherry’s Experience and Education

If you have fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist or undergoing an implant supported denture procedure, we encourage you to visit Dr. Cherry, who is experienced and knowledgeable. Dr. Cherry has been placing implants for years and received advanced training from the Midwest Implant Institute for implant surgery. We also offer sedation dentistry, which can make your surgery a painless, easy process.

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