End Pain and Save Your Teeth with Root Canal Treatment

Feeling pain in your teeth and mouth is NOT normal and should be evaluated promptly.  Many times, tooth pain caused by an internal infection can be relieved with a root canal. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal is a common procedure that does not cause pain—it relieves it! By ignoring the pain in your mouth, you are susceptible to many health concerns, including losing teeth, infection and an abscess. Dr. John Cherry offers root canal treatment that can end your pain and save your tooth all in one visit.

Common Root Canal Symptoms

Tooth infection is a serious concern and should be treated immediately before the infection spreads to other teeth or other parts of the body. If treatment is not sought after, you may be at risk of losing your tooth, bone structure and even become hospitalized. The common symptoms of an infection indicating you may need a root canal include:

Persistent toothache that may affect the jaw,  neck and ear

Sensitivity to hot and cold beverages

Pain or sensitivity when biting or chewing

Swelling in the face where the pain radiates from

Swollen lymph nodes

A fever

The Root Canal Procedure

Dr. Cherry is able to perform root canal procedures in one visit, which includes:

  1. A local anesthesia is applied to the infected tooth area.
  2. A small opening is made in the crown of the tooth to access the pulp chamber.
  3. The infection is cleaned out of the tooth and the tooth canals are shaped for replacement filling.
  4. A permanent filling called gutta-percha is inserted to keep the tooth free of infection and another filling is inserted over that.
  5. A post is added to the tooth to support a crown, which goes over the top of the tooth.
  6. The crown is cemented in place and appears just like one of your other natural teeth.

Emergency Care Available to You

Dr. Cherry understands that a root canal is a procedure many patients wish they could avoid due to its negative connotation. Thanks to sedation and anesthesia, root canals can be nearly pain-free and take only one trip to our office. The benefits to receiving treatment, saving your tooth and health, far outweigh the risks you take by ignoring the problem. Dr. Cherry even offers emergency root canal treatment if the pain becomes too unbearable and you need to be seen as soon as possible.

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