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At John Cherry DMD in Brandon, we take pride in offering advanced solutions to restore incomplete smiles, and dental implants stand out as a remarkable option. Tooth loss, whether due to decay, accidents, or sports-related injuries, can leave a noticeable gap. Thankfully, modern dentistry provides us with an effective means to bridge these gaps — dental implants.

Dental Implants: A Game-Changer

Dentures, be they partial or full, have long been a solution for missing teeth, but they come with their share of challenges. Ill-fitting dentures can be prone to slipping and falling out, causing discomfort and soreness in the gums and jaw. Moreover, dentures lack the ability to stimulate jawbones, leading to gradual bone loss over time. In contrast, dental implants, anchored by metal posts surgically placed in the jawbone beneath the gums, mimic natural teeth both in appearance and function. Unlike dentures, implants prevent bone loss, stay securely in place during speech and while enjoying meals, and can be cared for just like natural teeth. While dentures may be more cost-effective, the advantages of implants, including enhanced stability and bone preservation, make them a superior choice.

Exploring Types of Dental Implants

Patients with a healthy jawbone are ideal candidates for endosteal implants. These implants involve titanium posts surgically inserted into the jaw, with a crown placed atop the post after a healing period. For those with insufficient bone support, subperiosteal implants offer a viable alternative. Metal frames are positioned between the jawbone and gum tissue, and posts extending from the framework allow for the attachment of crowns. Even if you don’t need implants, you might benefit from artificial crowns:

The Interplay Between Implants and Braces

In cases where a patient requires both orthodontic treatment and dental implants in Brandon, orthodontic work typically precedes implant placement. The immobility of an implant once in the jaw underscores the importance of sequencing. However, there are instances where an implant can be strategically placed before or during orthodontic treatment, serving as an anchor to guide the natural teeth into proper alignment.

Nurturing Your Dental Investment

Proper care is paramount to the longevity of implants. Brushing twice daily with a soft-bristle toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste, along with daily flossing and antimicrobial mouthwash use, helps maintain oral hygiene around the implant site. Routine dental check-ups are essential for monitoring the implant’s health and the surrounding tissues. Protecting your investment includes avoiding chewing on hard objects or ice and considering a nightguard if you grind your teeth.

Embark on Your Smile Transformation

With over three million people in the U.S. benefiting from implants, you’re in excellent company when choosing this transformative option. If you’re dealing with a missing tooth and seeking to restore your smile, contact us at John Cherry DMD in Brandon. Schedule an appointment, and let us assess your jawbone health, guiding you toward the most suitable implant solution. Explore our business site for more information and discover our location in Brandon through this link. Your journey to a complete, radiant smile begins with us!

We love our patients’ smiles!

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